Read VPC flow logs on S3 bucket with Athena


I'm trying to use Athena to generate queries from VPC flow logs stored in an S3 bucket. I followed the guideline of "Querying Amazon VPC flow logs"[1], and I tried to access by both folders and files.

However, the generated queries were empty, with only title and no contents. I double checked that the files are not empty, and that the path is correct. I also tried to create partitions, but the results were unreadable.

Is there a way to access the contents of the S3 bucket? Thank you!

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This article has generic info applicable to VPC Flow Logs, especially about partiioning and querying -

It's hard to be sure from the image you pasted, but it looks like you've both set LOCATION to a specific date "2023/03/01/" and partitioned by date? That doesn't look right.

What query did you try?

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  • I tired both "s3://.../2023/" and "s3://.../2023/03/01/". They return the same results. I just did it again and I'll add the screenshot in the original post.

    I tried the "ALTER TABLE vpc_flow_logs ADD PARTITION (date='YYYY-MM-dd') LOCATION ..." query but the results were unreadable.

    I'm trying out the LinkedIn article right now.


  • Should have used s3://.../{location}/

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