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Hi In my IoT project sometimes devices will send MQTT message every 3 seconds. Does IoT Core support this frequency, or do I need to expect some delays? I am trying to build real time device monitoring. Thanks

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Hi Ozy smile. AWS IoT Core supports up to 100 messages per second per MQTT client connection. Please see limits here: . In particular "Publish requests per second per connection".

So one message every 3 seconds is not, in general, a problem. However, much depends on what exactly you mean by "real time device monitoring". There will be some time taken for messages to traverse the (vagaries of the) internet and reach IoT Core, plus some additional time for messages to propagate through IoT Core, rules engine and so forth before you act upon them.

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answered 3 months ago
  • Thanks for the answer. When I say "real time": Some of my devices changes their status with some other data very often and I would like to update the status data to broker so that I can see them on browser, screens etc.

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