S3 bucket object URL showing Access Denied


I created a bucket in S3 and when I copy the link into a new tab it gives me "access denied" as an error, although I made the bucket public and added read access via ACL

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As we described in our public documentation [1], can you please check if you are allowing public access at your AWS account level ? If yes, you must need to edit and disable Block Public access settings and then retry accessing.

Amazon S3 Block Public Access provides four settings. These settings are independent and can be used in any combination. Each setting can be applied to an access point, a bucket, or an entire AWS account. If the block public access settings for the access point, bucket, or account differ, then Amazon S3 applies the most restrictive combination of the access point, bucket, and account settings.

When Amazon S3 evaluates whether an operation is prohibited by a block public access setting, it rejects any request that violates an access point, bucket, or account setting.

Even after the above suggested change is not working, then I would request to have a support case with us along with S3 request IDs which you get with access denied error.

Refer: [1] https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/userguide/access-control-block-public-access.html

answered 2 years ago
  • ok I got it working. In addition to making the bucket public I had to make the object readable (which I thought I did but settings didn't save maybe?)

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