AWS Batch job stuck in RUNNABLE state


I'm trying to execute a Batch Job with the help of AWS AMI. The Compute Environment for the job is intended to have certain installations for which I need to use AMI. But whenever I give the AMI reference in Compute Environment, the job gets stuck in RUNNABLE state forever. I have tried all the troubleshooting measures given in but even that did not help. I even tried using different AMIs for the same. It has been observed that jobs get stuck whenever any custom AMI is used,. As soon as job is submitted, the instance is launched but the job still fails to execute. Without the use of AMI, I have been able to execute the job successfully. I want to know the possible causes and reasons of this. Following are the details of my Compute Environment:

    "computeEnvironmentName": "computeenvironmentname",
    "type": "MANAGED",
    "state": "ENABLED",
    "unmanagedvCpus": 0,
    "computeResources": {
        "type": "EC2",
        "allocationStrategy": "BEST_FIT_PROGRESSIVE",
        "minvCpus": 0,
        "maxvCpus": 256,
        "desiredvCpus": 0,
        "instanceTypes": [
        "imageId": "imageid",
        "subnets": [
            "list of subnets"
        "securityGroupIds": [
            "security groups"
        "ec2KeyPair": "keypair",
        "instanceRole": "instancerole",
        "tags": {
            "KeyName": ""
        "placementGroup": "",
        "bidPercentage": 0,
        "spotIamFleetRole": "",
        "launchTemplate": {
            "launchTemplateId": "",
            "launchTemplateName": "",
            "version": ""
        "ec2Configuration": [
                "imageType": "ECS_AL2_NVIDIA",
                "imageIdOverride": "imageid"
    "serviceRole": "servicerole",
    "tags": {
        "KeyName": ""
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