I can't see tables using the power bi odbc for Athena


I'm trying to use amazon Athena in power bi but I can't see the tables that I'm traying to use. I've already configured the ODBC with a successful test.

I can't see the tables inside AwsDataCatalog

It's there any additional policy or setup that I'm forgetting? Or there is any restriction about partitioned tables or any other restriction to use the ODBC for Power BI?


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When using Power BI with Amazon Athena via ODBC, if you can't see the tables, there could be several reasons:

Permission Issues: Ensure that the IAM role or user that you're using has the necessary permissions to access Athena and the underlying data in S3. This includes permissions like athena:StartQueryExecution, athena:GetQueryResults, athena:GetQueryExecution, and S3 read permissions on the data locations.

Database and Table Visibility: Make sure that the database and tables you're trying to access are visible in the AWS Glue Data Catalog. You can verify this by logging into the AWS Management Console, navigating to the Glue service, and checking if the database and tables are listed there.

ODBC Driver Configuration: Ensure that the ODBC driver is correctly configured. This includes setting up the correct region, output location for query results, and AWS credentials. Make sure you're using the latest version of the Amazon Athena ODBC driver.

Power BI Configuration: When connecting to Athena from Power BI, you should select the "ODBC" option under "Get Data" and then select the configured Athena ODBC data source. Make sure you're following the correct steps here.

Partitioned Tables: If you're trying to access partitioned tables, ensure that the partitions have been properly loaded into the Glue Data Catalog. You can do this using the MSCK REPAIR TABLE command in Athena.

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answered 9 months ago

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