Syncing Data from iOS (SwiftUI Form) to EC2 Instance with RDS Database & S3 Bucket


Hello Everyone!

I have an app that I am developing (iOS) for a client, and I need some help with the final portion of the app.

The app has a long form, that has video capture, audio capture, and signature capture integrated.

I need a talented developer to help me sync this data to the cloud.

The data saves locally to the device via Core Data, but then it needs to sync to the cloud (an EC2 Instance running a LAMP server with API endpoints written in PHP that uses an RDS database), and this is the portion I am looking for someone to help complete.

We have the API endpoints in place and functioning, and the backend work on the server is complete, including a user portal, but we will need to setup an S3 bucket to hold the video data for the final version. Right now, we are uploading to a directory on the EC2 instance.

Video will need to be converted to SD, but this can be done on the server.

The app is mostly complete, just the syncing of the data to the cloud is what we need help completing.

I do not know if this is the right place to post for something like this. If it is not, can you please point me in the right direction?

Thank you all for your time!


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As you are uploading data to an EC2 server, you can then transfer this data located on the EC2 server to an S3 bucket.

The aws s3 cp command is similar to the Unix cp command. You can copy files from Amazon S3 to your instance, copy files from your instance to Amazon S3, and copy files from one Amazon S3 location to another [1] [2].

[1] Use Amazon S3 with Amazon EC2 -

[2] CLI command -

Use the following command to copy an object from your instance into Amazon S3.

[ec2-user ~]$ aws s3 cp my_copied_file.ext s3://my_bucket/my_folder/my_file.ext

In case you have queries with respect to your use-case and the best ways to achieve it, you can open a technical support case with AWS Support using the link [3]. AWS Premium Support engineers will assist you accordingly.

[3] AWS Support Center -

answered 10 months ago

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