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Aws athena- query both s3 and rds


We are currently aws thena to analyze event data that we save as jaon to s3 using firehouse and it works well. Now we would like to perform queries that 'join' the s3 data with data from our rds mysql database. How can this be done? (Btw, we are using Tableau to query the data)

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Amazon Athena is a service that enables a data analyst to perform interactive queries in the Amazon Web Services public cloud on data stored in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3).

Unfortunately, we cannot use schemas from RDS is Athena. As a work around you can use Glue ETL to join these two tables i.e one in Athena and one in RDS (both maintained in Glue Catalog).

You can use glue crawler with connection to the RDS table to create the schema.

For example of joining tables in ETL please check on the below link as a reference:

I hope above information is helpful. If you are facing any issue and require technical guidance you can reach out to the AWS Support team.

Have a good day :)

answered 3 years ago

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