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can we attach the custom domain to lambda function urls ?


can we attach the custom domain to lambda function urls ? I assume we can create the custom domain in route53 and we can link the custom domain to the function urls. Will this work ? or are there any better alternatives to do this ? Or any challenge in linking custom domain in Route53 with function urls ?

I understand we can attach the lambda with API GW to attach the custom domain. But I don't want to go to API gateway again and attach the custom domain to API Gateway. The whole point of function urls and this questions is to avoid using the API GW on top of lambda.

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Lambda function URLs are intended to be very lightweight way if invoking Lambda functions. They have limited capabilities, custom domain names is not one of them. Creating an alias in Route53 will not help as the Lambda service will not know which function it needs to invoke.

If you need custom domain names, use API Gateway instead.

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answered 5 months ago
  • You can also consider putting your custom domain name on CloudFront or a public ALB.

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