How I can increase the Integration association limit for the Amazon Connect instance?


I have enabled Connect Wisdom in my AWS Connect Instance. The Connect Wisdom is enabled, now I am trying to ingest data that will be displayed in Wisdom when an agent will search there. I am following an AWS tutorial to achieve my intention. You can see the tutorial,the%20content%20you%20just%20uploaded


Everything was going smooth but when I run the following AWS CLI command, it throws an error.


aws connect create-integration-association --instance-id 84ec56489-554a-422f-babf-3288d7c8fd04 --integration-type WISDOM_ASSISTANT --integration-arn arn:aws:wisdom:us-east-1:747998786930:assistant/42d03bed-25d2-ee85-a3236-00031ef345345


An error occurred (InvalidRequestException) when calling the CreateIntegrationAssociation operation: Reached Integration association limit for the Amazon Connect instance.

Can someone please guide me? I don't know, how to solve or increase the Integration association limit for the Amazon Connect instance.

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I can see there is Quota Limit from the Docs Can you try request AWS support for the limit increase and Check

APIDefault TPS throttling limits
CreateIntegrationAssociation, DeleteIntegrationAssociation, ListIntegrationAssociation2
answered 2 years ago

Did you get this figured out? I'm having the same issue.

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answered a year ago

There are a number of service quotas for different integrations that you can see here: Some of these can be adjusted. Some cannot.

You can only have one domain associated with an Amazon Connect instance

Run to see your current integration associations and remove any you don't need.

answered a year ago

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