Connecting to RDS via MySQL Workbench difficulties


I'm currently attempting to set up a low-complexity site that includes access to a database. The current step I am stuck on is connecting to the RDS database via MySQL Workbench. I've attempted to set up my RDS and Workbench connection the simple way so that it should connect.
I've searched through a dozen or so pages like stackoverflow and various aws resources, to no avail. I followed the instructions on this one especially: and also but it still won't connect.
My RDS is "publicly available: yes" The security group my RDS is part of has an "Inbound Rules" set up: IPv4, MYSQL/Aurora, port 3306, Source (my ip address).
In Workbench, I set up the connection the way that the top answer in my Stackoverflow link dictates.
The error message comes up "unable to connect to localhost" and recommends I check thinks like "is it running" "on port 3306" "do you have permission" and "is the password right" which, as far as I can tell, are all correct.
I could really use help with this, please.

  • Did you ever figure this out? Having the same problem

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Hi Rob.

The error message you describe is unable to connect to localhost. This tells me that perhaps the connection is not using the correct endpoint. It seems it is now using "localhost" which is not correct. Please verify your RDS instance and look for the endpoint and port as shown in the image below.

RDS MySQL endpoint

I hope this helps.

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  • Hello, I'm still getting a complaint about localhost. I did change the Host to the endpoint, I'm unsure how I messed that up, but it didn't change anything. Hmm, I can't post a screenshot like you did. But it's a screenshot of my RDS endpoint being in Host.

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