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Is it possible to create a workmail "catch-all" account


So I have a domain that I am working with and created a WorkMail Organization for. The need is for any email sent to the domain, regardless of the address it is sent to. Is this something that is possible for this system?

I was hoping I could do something like create a group with the alias *, but that is not allowed for the system. Is this something I should do in SES instead of WorkMail? If so, any suggestions as I am having trouble finding any examples or use cases.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated as this seems to be a need for the larger system we are building, and to ensure nothing gets lost.

1 Answers

Workmail doesn't support wildcards (or catch-all) natively, but with help of SES and Lambda you can build the feature. Here is an example how to do this

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answered 23 days ago

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