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Subdomain configured a linux server shows Windows server logo:) ?


LOL , in the age of AI the stupidity of some of aws is laughable.

Very soon with your voice you can turn off and on lights in your home and almost any thing done with one command but here you have to spend hours to configure things.

I set up a subdomain that points to my linux server now all I see is windows server logo

What a Joke.

Thanks God I am not doing something important. After playing around for some time more the sooner I save my ass and get rid of at least some aws services it is better.

Edited by: letmeaskplease on Feb 15, 2020 2:29 AM

2 Answers

Never mind. will take it some where else.

answered 3 years ago

Will go for another service for this subdomain.

answered 3 years ago

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