How to update gcc on Amazon Linux 2023


As far as I know, AL2023 uses GCC 11.x. However, I'd need GCC 13.x. How can I upgrade it?

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I think you can use gcc13 by installing gcc itself from source.
I confirmed that I can install it by running the following command in my environment.
Please note that the installation will take some time.
If you want to shorten the time, add "--disable-bootstrap" to the "./configure" command option to reduce the number of builds.

dnf install gcc g++ -y
tar xzf gcc-13.2.0.tar.gz
cd gcc-13.2.0
mkdir build
cd build
../configure --enable-languages=c,c++ --prefix=/usr/local --disable-multilib --disable-bootstrap
make install
gcc -v
g++ -v
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