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I have a terraform setup on a private local server with no internet access , I have an organization AWS account, I want to provision resources on that AWS account and its child account using that terraform server, what should i do? Can AWS Direct connect help with that?

  • Hello @Divyanshu. Can you provide some clarity on the use-case?

    1. Are you using Terraform open source or Terraform Enterprise?
    2. The private local server with Terraform, if this server in your own datacenter/co-location facility, or is this an EC2 instance in AWS and in a private subnet?
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Tough one as there are many requirements for that.. You would need DNS resolution for starters for all the AWS domains and access to all VPC Endpoints to make APi calls too.

Never tried it myself and if it would work or not.

Any chance you can use terraform cloud?

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answered 16 days ago
  • Does terraform cloud helps in this case

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