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I have two independent Redshift Serverless Namespaces in the same account. Each namespace has their own workgroup. Both workgroups are tagged.

Is it possible to disambiguate the Redshift Serverless cost by these namespaces or workgroups or tags? If so, how?

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You can use the tags you set for AWS resources to analyze costs.
Available by activating cost allocation tags.
It may also take up to 3 days after activating the cost allocation tag for it to appear in Cost Explorer.

Filtering by tag can be done by following the steps in the following document.

View costs by cost allocation tag

To view costs by cost allocation tag, choose Tag for Group by. The Tag option isn't available if you have no cost allocation tags. When you create a new cost allocation tag, you might need to wait up to three days for the tag to appear in Cost Explorer.

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answered 10 months ago
  • Thanks for your answer. I had not activated the cost allocation tags in my payer account. Following your recommendation solved my issue.

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