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What is difference between CloudWatch Agent and default EC2 monitoring?


By default, EC2 monitoring already sends metrics such as CPU utilization to CloudWatch.

  1. So does that mean a CloudWatch agent already installed into an EC2 by default?

  2. If no, then how EC2 sends CPU metrics to CloudWatch?

  3. Install a CloudWatch Agent is to send log files to CloudWatch Logs?

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Accepted Answer
  1. No, there is no mentioned of EC2 having a CloudWatch agent installed in it by default in the documentation.

2/3. The EC2 service push the basic metrics such as CPU/Network Utilization and Disk Performance to CloudWatch. Having CW Agent installed in your EC2 offers access to the system level metrics:

Metrics collected by the CloudWatch agent - Metrics collected by the CloudWatch agent on Linux and macOS instances -

This also supports being able to collect the system level logs from your EC2 and be stored in CW Logs.

answered 2 months ago

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