New to Cloud9 -- having problem in creating an environment


I am taking a DevOps course in Coursera, and have an issue with creating an environment using Cloud9.

The exercise is straightforward, but the following error repeatedly appears.

Unable to access your environment The environment creation failed with the error: The development environment 'be393d452d9c46bb95caf98f710e2a6e' failed to create because the instance type t2.micro isn't available in the requested Availability Zone. Try recreating your environment, and choose an instance type that's supported by the AZ..

Task 1: Creating an AWS Cloud9 environment and downloading the application For this task, you create an AWS Cloud9 environment for use as your development environment. You also download the pre-built application onto the AWS Cloud9 instance.

Is there anyone who could help me? The task says that I should keep the default setting when creating the environment in the exercise.

Thank you in advance!

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Try changing the subnet after you have selected the VPC because the subnet determines the Availability Zone. The error message is saying "The t2.micro instance type is not available in the AZ that you have selected". If it does not work in any of the AZs in the particular region, then you have two options:

a) Choose another AWS region b) Choose a different instance type. There may be a cost associated with choosing a different instance type, so check out the AWS documentation for how much you will be billed for that particular instance type. Also once you are done with your exercise, make sure to delete every resource you created.

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  • It worked! Thank you so much for your comment :)

  • Hi Mona - Is it possible for you to accept my answer. Thanks

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