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I am setting up a new environment using a new account under the same payee/root account. In order to set up the env I need to configure Sender ID on SMS messages. I have registered Sender ID in India, have a principal entity, and have approved SMS templates.

AWS Support is refusing to configure the Sender ID because the account is new. Root / payee account has been active for more than a year.

This is the second time such an incident is happening. Last time I had to tag AWS Support on twitter to get the ticket escalated.

Has someone faced similar issue, is there a better way to get help?

  • I followed the channel that worked last time - tweeted tagging AWS support. The ticket was sent for senior review. Work is done.

    It was disappointing to get the level of help from AWS.

    Now the team is refusing to configure Cognito to use Sender ID to send SMS. I have another case from a different account where it was done. I am wondering if I should tweet or move to Azure.

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Hi Sabya, You can request one by creating a new case in the AWS Support Center. There's a useful guide here to setting it up, which may be helpful, and save you from delay in getting it approved:

However, if you've tried that, and it's still being blocked because the account is new (which is not unusual), but the root / payee account is not, then I'd raise a ticket to get it fixed, and ask for the process to be reviewed.

Jon R
answered a year ago
  • I already have a case opened. This in my second not to great experience in last two months.

    May I ask you to get Case ID 10758380021 & Case ID 10758380021 reviewed. In the first Case ID you will notice the request was closed with exact same message 5-6 times even after explaining AWS Organisation structure, sending evidences of credits and past bills. Irrespective of what I say or ask the support team always responded with exact same standard message and closed the ticket. It is rude.

    Both times I had to send message on twitter tagging AWS Support and eventually case was picked up for senior review. I shouldn't need to write on social media if support is able to answer the queries.

    I would love to know if I am asking for something that I should have solved on my own. As far as I know SNS and Cognito cannot send SMS using Sender ID unless they are configured by Support. If there is an option to set it up myself I would love to do it and not ask.

    Thank you Sabya


To answer your question, we require details that are non-public information. Please open a support case with AWS using the following link

answered a year ago

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