Install the latest python (3.8) on EC2


I'm trying to install the latest python version (today = 3.8) onto Amazon EC2 Ubuntu 18.04

I don't understand why doing sudo apt-get install python3 I only have 3.6.8

Using other than Ubuntu 18.04 but Amazon AMI 2, I have 3.7.4

I haven't found anything else on the internet discussing about it. I'd like to use the latest python version available.

Any idea how I should do to install this latest version on my EC2 Ubuntu ?


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Hello @Eric75,

I understand you are trying to run the latest version of python (3.8) on an Ubuntu AMI.

Can try "sudo apt-get install python3.8"?
When you run it use "python3.8"

Hope this is helpful.

answered 3 years ago

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