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Changing Primary Region in Directory Service for AWS Managed Microsoft AD Enterprise


I have a multi region AWS Managed Microsoft AD Enterprise directory set up in Directory Service. The primary region is us-east-1 and the secondary region is us-west-2. I need to downgrade from Enterprise to Standard (separate topic) but before I do so, I need to change the Primary Region from us-east-1 to us-west-2. I don't see any way to do this in the documentation or in the management console. Is it possible to change the Primary Region in Managed AD Enterprise? If so, how? Thanks!

1 Answer

Currently there is no way to downgrade from Enterprise to Standard. It is possible to do a one way upgrade of Standard Managed AD to Enterprise Managed AD, though you'd need to open a support case to request this.

Unfortunately, it is also not currently possible to change the primary region after directory creation. The service team has been been made aware of this request and they work on feature releases based on customer request, so if you happen to work with an Account Manager and/or Solutions Architect, be sure to let them know you'd like to add your +1 on the request for visibility.

answered 4 months ago

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