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/CDK AWS trigger with type EVENT/

CDK AWS trigger with type EVENT


Hi team, I want to create a glue trigger via the CDK and associate it with a workflow,

after 5 eventBridge events => glue workflow as destination fire my glue trigger of type = "EVENT"=> glue trigger call the job

the trigger is of type "EVENT"

I want to add the following config to my trigger via CDK :

"EventBatchingCondition": {
            "BatchSize": 5,
            "BatchWindow": 900

but did not find any object allowing me to add this config to the CfnTrigger.

this is my CDK code :

const glueEdwWorkflowTrigger = new glue.CfnTrigger(
        name: "trigger",
        type: "EVENT",

        actions: [
            arguments: {},

how can I add EventBatchingCondition (BatchSize) info to my CfnTrigger? so that my trigger is fired after 5 event bridge events

thanks a lot.

1 Answers

Unfortunately, you cannot specify EventBatchingCondition yet in a AWS::Glue::Trigger CloudFormation resource, which CDK depends on. Please follow this GitHub issue to track progress on coverage:

In the meantime, as a workaround you could manually call the Glue API to add this property. One option may be to do this as part of a CDK trigger.

answered 2 months ago

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