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Regions.getCurrentRegion() for AWS SDK 2.0


From this link: Regions.getCurrentRegion() is still not supported for AWS SDK 2.0. So what is the alternative that we could do in order to get the region of our cluster.

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Regions.getCurrentRegion() does not have an equivalent in v2.

You could use the DefaultAwsRegionProviderChain class that looks for the region in this order:

  1. Check the aws.region system property for the region.
  2. Check the AWS_REGION environment variable for the region.
  3. Check the {user.home}/.aws/credentials and {user.home}/.aws/config files for the region.
  4. If running in EC2, check the EC2 metadata service for the region.
var regionProvider = DefaultAwsRegionProviderChain.builder().build();
var region = regionProvider.getRegion();
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answered a month ago

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