How to upgrade RDS to "RDS Optimized Writes" with the minimum downtime?


I have RDS MySQL 8 server, recently upgraded to db.r6d instance. Now I'd like to activate "RDS Optimized Writes". I saw that it's possible to do this using either Blue/Green deployment and read slave. But I'm not sure which path is optimal for minimizing downtime? For instance I have experience with RDS Multi-AZ config and I know that failover takes up to 1-2 minutes. But what about Blue/Green?

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is that mean that you want to activate Aurora I/O-Optimized?
if the anser is yes, there is FAQ[1] about it.

How do I migrate my existing database cluster to use Aurora I/O-Optimized?

You can use the one-click experience available in the AWS Management Console to change the storage type of your existing database clusters to be Aurora I/O-Optimized. You can also invoke the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI) or AWS SDK to make this change.

Can I switch back and forth between Aurora I/O-Optimized and Aurora Standard configuration?
You can switch your existing database clusters once every 30 days to Aurora I/O-Optimized. You can switch back to Aurora Standard at any time.


also the below question might be help.

Enabling RDS Optimized Writes on an existing database

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  • Thank you! I have MySQL RDS, not Aurora.

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