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Can I extract the code from the aws to save it in Github?


Hi, I am trying to understand if there is a way to extract the code from aws to save it in github or direct on the computer. Please could you explain it as for a dummys. Thats the list of the things I am billed for Amplify API Gateway CloudWatch CodeArtifact Cognito Data Transfer DynamoDB Lambda Secrets Manager Simple Notification Service Simple Storage Service X-Ray

Thank you

1 Answers

Please correct me if I am wrong but it appears what you are asking for is the ability to generate a Cloudformation template from resources that you have manually deployed in your AWS account using either the console or CLI or SDK. Today we don't have that capability. It is recommended to use an Infrastructure as Code solution like Cloudformation, AWS SAM, CDK or Terraform to create all your infrastructure. That way you can check in the code for your infrastructure in a source control system like Github and replicate your infrastructure to other accounts or other regions for DR purposes.

Please talk to your AWS Account Manager to get yourself added to the list of customers interested in the feature I mentioned at the top.

answered a month ago

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