AWS Cost and Usage Report has not triggered even after 24 hours


I had a set up AWS Cost and Usage report to referesh hours and given the target bucket and folder. Bucket has all the required permissions

But for some reason AWS Cost and Usage report has not triggered even after 24hrs , Data Last Refreshed Column is showing as N / A.

What might be the reason for not trigger and where can i check error logs if any

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Hello Jayaprakash,

Confirm that the Amazon S3 bucket policy grants the service permission to put files in the bucket. For more information on the required bucket policy, see Setting up an Amazon S3 bucket for Cost and Usage Reports.

I would also check your bill under the Billing and Cost Management to determine if any data is populating there.

Next, I would suggest to check Cost Explorer and set the granularity to daily to see if you can see data from the past 24 hours.

You can also wait a bit longer to get CUR data onto your S3 bucket and available for use.


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