Getting charged $1 a month for EBS?


I don't understand where this service/charge is coming from. Anybody know how to disable?

Elastic Cloud Compute EBS $0.05 $0.10 per GB-month of General Purpose SSD (gp2) provisioned storage

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If you haven't got any EBS volumes listed , check that you don't have any snapshots running. Also, look at the billing console and check cost explorer and look for usage type, EBS, to try to find out more info on where the cost is.

Lastly, just make sure you check other regions.

answered 2 years ago

Where exactly are you looking at? Billing console?

"Elastic Cloud Compute EBS $0.05 $0.10 per GB-month of General Purpose SSD (gp2) provisioned storage" - this means you have an EBS volume of gp2 type running in one of the regions. In your billing console you should see the region, under which this usage occurs. You can then go to the EC2 console in that region and delete the volume.

If you already deleted your EBS volumes, but you still received the bill, note that monthly billing is pro-rated. If you had your resources running for a portion of a month, let's say 15 days, - the final bill for that month is generated only on the 3rd of the following month when the billing period is over. And you would be charged for 15 days of keeping that EBS volume before you deleted it.

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answered 2 years ago

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