OpenSearch Serverless stuck at Deleting


An OpenSearch Serverless collection is stuck at deleting.

No clue of what's going on. No error message, nothing. Can't do anything in the web interface or the command line:

An error occurred (ConflictException) when calling the DeleteCollection operation: Collection cannot be deleted because it is not in 'ACTIVE' or 'FAILED' status.

I'm still being charged for it which is really frustrating as I can't get support from AWS without giving them more money, even if it's an issue in their service.

Can't someone point me to the right resources to get this fixed?

Thank you

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1 Answer

Replying to my own post.

After the first post, the collection magically disappeared after a month as someone from AWS OpenSearch team is probably monitoring those post.

But obviously the charges were not reversed and I had to lose more time trying to get this fixed.

Not fun.

The best part: AWS trying to get me to admit it's my fault due to their Shared Responsabilty model. Well, no it's not. I had deleted to Collection. It's a bug in AWS systems.

So if you are asking if OpenSearch serverless is a production-ready service then answer is NO.

answered a year ago

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