Failed to start the instance i-0ba6839e114ac134e Insufficient capacity.


when we stopped to start the instance then Failed to start the instance i-0ba6839e114ac134e Insufficient capacity this message is shown please how can i solve this issue please help me out

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What instance type is this and what region is this? This error occurs when the region you chose to launch the instance does not have enough of that instance type. You can retry this maybe 15 minutes to 30 minutes later or choose another instance type to launch. This problem comes by where most people think that cloud has infinite resources, but in actual fact, there is since the backend are still physical servers virtualized to provide the resources :)

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Ray T
answered 2 years ago
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reviewed 2 years ago
  • i have use p2.xlarge and region is US East (N. Virginia)

  • because i am working with in this instance type the cost is very low so i cant choose another instance type so can you please tell me how can reduce capacity with in instance and region

  • You might also try a different availability zone.


If AWS doesn't currently have enough available On-Demand capacity to complete your request, you'll receive the following InsufficientInstanceCapacity error.

If you receive this error, do the following:

To avoid insufficient capacity errors on critical machines, consider using On-Demand Capacity Reservations. To use an On-Demand Capacity Reservation, do the following:

  • Create the Capacity Reservation in an Availability Zone.
  • Launch critical instances into your Capacity Reservation. You can view real-time Capacity Reservation usage, and launch instances into it as needed.

You can find above information on this reference link :

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answered 2 years ago
  • yes i am on demand instance type i have create p2.xlarge instance and US East (N. Virginia) capacity reservation but still they show insufficient capacity tell me how can reduce i cant change the instance type and US East (N. Virginia) region please tell what i do

  • Do try to use another subnet in a different Availability zone to see if you can launch this instance type. Capacity is per AZ so try the other AZs to see if there is capacity.

  • i have try to another subnet in different availability zone but he said we have insufficient capacity with p2.xlarge instance type i have use region is US East (N. Virginia) us-east-1 please tell me what i do

  • Is there some dashboard that shows availability per instance type per AZ?

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