How do I find the storage that I'm being billed for?


I get a monthly bill for a few cents each month, and the amount is gradually growing. The bill says it is for

  • Amazon Relational Database Service Backup Storage

  • $0.095 per additional GB-month of backup storage exceeding free allocation

I can't see where this storage is being used so that I can delete it - I've cleared out everything else on my account so there is no database to backup. There are no backup plans, jobs or vaults, no snapshots belonging to me in any of the RDS snapshot tabs, no reserved instances or automated backups.

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1 Answer

I'd suggest having a look at it in the Cost Explorer, including breaking it down by Region in case you accidentally left something in a region you don't normally use.

answered a year ago
  • Hi...I extract a report in cost explorer. It is showing US East Virginia. But in that region there is no active services. then How to close that charges.

  • And you have no RDS snapshots in US East Virginia? If not, I'm out of ideas!

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