Autosave Failure message when creating calculated field using ifelse() in Quicksight


I keep getting the Autosave Failure popup when I try to create a calculated field using the ifelse() statement in Quicksight. It seems that any other simpler calculated fields work fine, I can make a sum field but when I try doing the same thing with ifelse() I get the error message and I am unable to save my changes.

Nobody else has access to my report except for me. I even tried creating a brand new dataset with a brand new report just for testing purposes, and the exact same thing happened right away. I have tried hitting the refresh button and trying a second time but the same thing happens. And if I turn Autosave Off and just try to save manually it still will save the old version of the report and my new calculated fields won't save!

Does anyone have any idea what is going on here? My collages have never had this problem. How can I get this to stop failing? I am currently completely unable to make the type of calculated field that I need for my dashboard.

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The ifelse condition if followed with proper syntax and datatypes should work fine. I tried a sample ifelse and was able to save it successfully.

You may want to refer additional details with example provided at-

If you are unable to save the calculated field, it must be showing "Errors found" at the bottom left section, upon which if you hover the cursor over the formula, it will provide the details indicating either a syntactical issue, data type issue, etc. which can be helpful to troubleshoot further.

answered 10 months ago

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