How delete a CFN stack (DELETE_FAILED: Internal Error)


I have a stack ( AWS Cloudformer) of 2013. No resources exists anymore. But deletion of the stacks fails with Internal error. There is also no option when retrying to skip resources ( no resources are displayed overthere). Also the CLI command ( with the all the logical ids in the --retain option) fails. I have only basic support, so I cannot ask support to delete the stack.

Anyone any idea how to get rid of this annoying old stack? :-)

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Have you found a solution to the problem? Almost the same situation, only the stack was created yesterday, with disable rollback = true. It did not rise with a custom resource timeout error. . After that, I tried to delete it, and it didn't even start deleting already created resources. There are no API errors in CloudTrail, just DELETE_FAILED Internal Error. I tried skipping a resources, just like you tried skipping all resources through the cli. I deleted all the resources manually and tried again. And I always got:

DELETE_IN_PROGRESS initiated by the user and after 40 - 60 minutes DELETE_FAILED Internal failure

Moreover, I decided "well, let the stack remain in the DELETE_FAILED state". I will create a new one, since I deleted all the resources. But no, I can't create a stack with the same logical names and the same values because "{resource name} already exists in the stack (old stack arn)" I also don't want to pay for support when the problem is not on my side and there doesn't seem to be any way to fix it on my side.

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Hi! Good question and interesting case.

A couple options:

  • If you can see the stack and the resources, you could recreate the resources with the same logical resources and then try deleting again. This may give you more options than what you're seeing above.

  • For technical support from AWS, you could sign up and then cancel when the case is closed - this may be a prorated charge as well. However, there is a minimum of 1 month for the charge.

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I would advise you to contact Support teams through your AWS accounts. They can help with potential resources dependencies and help you further.


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  • Hi Nabil, with only Basic Support you cannot contact "Tech support". Account support cannot help me. Switching to another support plan will cost me at least $29 a month. To do this for a "malfunction"in AWS cloudformation, I think is a bit "over-done". But thanks for the advice.

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