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/Accessing a SFTP (Transfer Family) endpoint from several domains/

Accessing a SFTP (Transfer Family) endpoint from several domains



I would expose the same SFTP (Transfer Family) endpoint (deployed in service mode, not into a VPC) under different domains to share the capabilities.

It seems the component controls its proper declaration into an hosted zone (based on the given domain), meaning it could not be associated to several domains.

If I want to share a SFTP server, I have to deploy it into a VPC, behind a NLB and target the NLB from the different zones.

Am I right?

Thanks in advance

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If you own the domain you can try adding a CNAME record from your domain to direct your domain to the sftp server endpoint. Also you can assign a custom hostname to your sftp server during the server creation time. Here is a doc on how to use custom hostname with SFTP servers:

Hope this helps!

answered 2 months ago

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