AWS Policy Generator bug for S3 - ARN flagged invalid despite not being


Hi there,

I'm trying to create an s3 bucket policy using the AWS policy generator found here and I'm running in to what looks like a bug when entering the ARN of my bucket. I'm getting a message saying 'Resource field is not valid. You must enter a valid ARN.', despite my ARN being correctly formatted and valid (doesn't work either typing it or copying it from the AWS console). Has anyone found a solution to this? I know I could write the JSON myself, but I wanted to flag this issue. I noticed this question was also asked here, but the issue still persists


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I understand that you are having an error with creating an s3 bucket policy using the AWS policy generator. I did replicate and received the same error.

As a workaround:

I inserted a * in the ARN section and generated the policy.

I, thereafter, replaced the * with my ARN once it has been generated.

Please find the attached ARN Format documentation[1].

I hope this helps



answered 2 years ago
  • That's a really helpful workaround. Thanks for that!

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