Unable to find newly made environment following guide


I've been following the tutorial for setting up an AWS environment at https://aws.amazon.com/getting-started/guides/setup-environment/

I had no trouble creating a user, setting up the CLI, using keys, or running aws ec2 describe-vpcs.

aws configure is set to uw-west-2

I try to create an environment with "aws cloud9 create-environment-ec2 --name getting-started-2 --description "Getting started with AWS Cloud9." --instance-type t2.micro" (If I try to run it a second time I get an error saying the name is already in use, so I assume up until this point everything is at least doing something).

When I go to console.aws.amazon.com/cloud9 it says and set it to us-west-2 I have no environments.

I've repeated these steps for every US region so I don't think it can be a region issue? Even if I'm sending them somewhere wrong, I'm checking all of them. I set the IAM Identity center region to us-west-2, no idea if that does anything. I have the same account ID present in the top right drop down menu. I only have one user, and I'm using its keys.

I'm stumped.

Is there maybe something I'm missing about switching to being that user in the Cloud9 web browser interface?

I seem to be able to make an environment using the GUI on the website no problem. Is there any issue with simply doing that? If I can't make the CLI and website talk to each other, will I have trouble running apps from the CLI or something, later?

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Under AWS Cloud9 -> Environments there is a dropdown menu with the default selection My environments Try to change the dropdown and look at Shared with me and All account environments

The problem might be happening because the role you are using to create the environments from the CLI and the role you are using to access the AWS console are different.

answered a year ago

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