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Lambda You do not have sufficient permission. Access denied. on root account.


When I try to access Lambda Dashboard/Functions from root account, I get this error: You do not have sufficient permission. Access denied.

  • Hello, have you had this resolved? I'm currently experiencing the same issue. Neither root nor my previous admin IAM user are able to view or create Lambdas. Also created a new IAM user with Lambda full access with no success. I followed the suggested route below of opening an account support case.

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Is your account part of an AWS organization? In that case it is possible that a Service Control Policy has been set at your OU or higher level in the organization hierarchy that prevents even account root users in that hierarchy from accessing lambda functions

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answered a month ago
  • No, I'm not in any AWS organization. I want to reach the AWS tech team to fix this problem. But my plan is basic support so I have no way :(.

  • WIth Basic Support you won't be able to open a Technical Support case. You should be able to open a case under Account and Billing -

    Please open a case for Support to take a look because you should be able to access resources in your account as a root user, although it is not recommended. You should create an IAM user and grant the user the required permissions and try to access as IAM user.

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