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/Cloudwatch logs serving Jenkins build logs taking 30 seconds to load/

Cloudwatch logs serving Jenkins build logs taking 30 seconds to load


We are using the Jenkins Pipeline Plugin for Cloudwatch logs on a Jenkins instance. It simultaneously uploads and downloads the console logs for our jobs. Initially the console logs loaded pretty much instantaneously however as we have added more instances to our account this duration has increased dramatically taking up to 30 seconds in some instances. Intermittently we receive the following Rate exceeded Researching on the web and it appears we're exceeding our CloudWatch API limits. Would anyone be able to tell me where I can view these limits within our account and how to request to have them increased? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Mark.

1 Answers

Hi Mark, thanks for reaching out!

You can review your CloudWatch Logs quotas using the Service Quotas console for CloudWatch Logs. This will show you your default and current Logs quotas, as well as which quotas can be increased.

You can determine which CloudWatch Logs API is being throttled by checking the Logs service usage metrics in the AWS/Usage namespace, and checking for ThrottleCount metrics related to Logs APIs. Once you have that info, you can use the Service Quotas console to request a limit increase for the affected API, as long as that API allows for limit increases.

General info regarding CloudWatch Logs quotas and instructions on requesting increases via the Service Quotas console can be found here.

answered 3 months ago

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