please Help me : WAF charges me On Free tier account


Good Day everyone , i Need your support for [ amazon WAF is charging me while i have my free tier account , i have never used it or even check it , as well to make sure i open it and check if i create any WEB ACL or Rules , but its nothing ,

  • from the billing ( waf - AWS WAF Global-RuleV2 (USD 0.33) , (AWS WAF Global-WebACLV2 (USD 0.54))

  • as well as Simple Storage ServiceUSD 0.25 but i made sure to clean up everything buckets and never exceed 5g ]

i want to understand why and how to stop this , appreciate all help in advance. :) thank you

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This is for WAF Web ACLs that exist in your account that can be configured for CloudFront from the shared content.

We recommend that you check the following questions as they are identical to the following questions.

It can be removed by following the methods in the following document.
Incidentally, when deleting a Web ACL, you can select the corresponding Web ACL by setting the region to Global on the Web ACL screen.

You can also check the API history in CloudTrail to see what caused it to be created.
I think there is a history of "CreateWebACL".

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answered 10 months ago
  • you are the best :) Thanks indeed . i found it on the (global region ) and i delete it , now also i can see my actions inside event history , really appreciate your help .


i had the same problem Enter image description here

Enter image description here

help me I had to pay $12.4 for a free account in August/September 2023

answered 5 months ago

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