Lightsail network disconnected while using as a tunnel after June 28th


Lightsail network disconnected while using as a tunnel after June 28th

What happened to AWS lightsail after June 28th 2022? I use lightsail mainly for learning and development purpose, meanwhile using as a tunnel to connect to other sites. From Jun 28th, seems there is a new network throttling is implemented. The traffic starts to get blocked after a certain period of time while the network usage is high. Previously there is no behavior like this. Meanwhile, I can see the CPU credits are not used up. Did you see similar issue on your instance? Or any ideas to further troubleshooting?

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Hi, If your AWS Lightsail instance is experiencing network connectivity issues and you've ruled out CPU credits as a potential issue, you can try to troubleshoot using these steps:

  1. Check Logs and Monitoring:
    • Review the instance's system logs, application logs, and any monitoring metrics to identify any anomalies or errors that might be causing the network connectivity issues.
  2. Networking:
    • Check that the instance's networking settings are correctly configured, this includes security groups, firewall settings, and network ACLs.
  3. Analyze traffic:
    • Use network monitoring tools to analyze the incoming and outgoing network traffic to identify any unusual patterns or spikes that might be causing the connectivity problems.
  4. Resource Utilization:
    • While you have checked CPU usage, also monitor memory and disk usage. High memory or disk usage could potentially impact network performance.
  5. Check for Updates:
    • Ensure that your instance's operating system, software, and applications are up to date with the latest patches and updates.
  6. Network Throughput Limits:
    • AWS Lightsail instances have predefined network throughput limits based on the instance plan. Make sure you are not exceeding these limits during periods of high network usage.
  7. Instance Size:
    • Consider upgrading to a higher instance size with better network performance.
  8. Test Connectivity:
    • Test the network connectivity to different sites from your Lightsail instance using tools like ping, traceroute, or other network testing tools.

Remember to do these steps one at a time and test after each change to see if the issue improves. This will help you narrow down the root cause and find an effective solution. Hope this helps!

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