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Can we call external functions (such as Amazon Location Service functions) in Neptune?


Let's consider we like to call a user defined function which calls an Lambda function (where a rest API call grabs the geolocation of an address) inside a Gremlin query in Neptune. IF yes, how?

Please check this link that the same thing happens in Amazon Aurora

Many thanks

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1 Answer

The closest related feature that exist in Neptune today is the integration with Elasticsearch/OpenSearch, which allows users to perform a full-text search query against an external OpenSearch index.

For RDF workloads, the SPARQL query language offers a federated query feature (using the SERVICE clause) to query an external SPARQL endpoint and return a set of triples/quads that can then be used as part of the query against Neptune. Instead of making a call to an external SPARQL endpoint, this could also be used against a REST API such that the API returned the results in the proper format.

Other than that, we don't have the ability to call other external APIs/functions from any of the other query languages supported inside of Neptune.

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answered 15 days ago

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