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/How to send iot jobs like Amazon managed restart template to a greengrass core device/

How to send iot jobs like Amazon managed restart template to a greengrass core device



I recently onboarded one of 30 rpi's which acts like a streaming device using KVS ont aws iot Greengrass v2. I have tried with custom components and deploying them and all works fine but when i create a custom job like Amazon managed templates for rebooting the device, the greengrass is not recieving anything and the job stays in Queued State forever. I am trying to post a Snapshot type job. Any help is appreciated.

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Hi Subham. Unfortunately, Greengrass doesn't currently support AWS Managed Templates for IoT Jobs out of the box. They have been made with AWS IoT Device Client in mind.

Jobs created with AWS Managed Templates currently work by default on all hardware/software platforms running the AWS IoT Device Client

We recommend that you install and run the AWS IoT Device Client on your devices because it supports using all managed templates directly from the console by default.

You can see the AWS IoT Device Client managed template handers here:

You could certainly develop a GGv2 component to work with these templates. Another alternative to consider, that can provide similar management capabilities, is the Greengrass Systems Manager Agent:

answered 3 months ago
  • Hello Greg_B, thank you for the response. I did try with amazon-device-client but the simple handler didn't seem to work, the device didn't get rebooted. Regarding aws system manager i will definitely go through it sometime later. Thanks in advance

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