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Sagemaker Jumpstart 'Explain Credit Decisions' fails to deploy


Im trying to use the Sagemaker Jumpstart 'Explain Credit Decisions' via the Studio Jumpstart menu. However, everything works as instructed until it hits the 'glue.wait_for_workflow_finished(config.GLUE_WORKFLOW, glue_run_id)' step in the datasets notebook.

This produces a "failed to execute with exception Internal service error: Invalid Input Provided" (error in the Glue console) and falls over on the job part of the glue job.

Does anyone have any ideas? This is as much information as is available in the console logs.

1 Answer

Hello, Hope you are doing well.

To unblock the issue, Please find the below instruction.

  1. If you are using the guleRole: AmazonSageMakerServiceCatalogProductsGlueRole. Nothing need to be done. It should be good to execute the notebook with the latest version.

  2. If you are using the role: AmazonSageMakerServiceCatalogProductsUseRole. Please follow the instruction below:

    Attach the following inline policy to AmazonSageMakerServiceCatalogProductsUseRole and AmazonSageMakerServiceCatalogProductsGlueRole:

      Navigate to IAM Console, find the role named AmazonSageMakerServiceCatalogProductsUseRole.
      Click on the role -> click "Add Permissions" -> Create Inline Policy
      In the pop up menu, for "Service", choose "Glue"
      In "Actions", choose "Read" permission, and select "GetUserDefinedFunctions".
      In "Resources", choose "All Resources" -> Review Policy
      Name the inline policy as "glueGetUserDefinedFunctions" and then click "Create Policy".
      Repeat the above steps to add the same inline policy for AmazonSageMakerServiceCatalogProductsGlueRole
      Return to SageMaker Solutions Notebook and re-run the Glue workflow.
answered 23 days ago

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