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/Athena Iceberg delete failing/

Athena Iceberg delete failing


I am trying to perform a fairly simple delete via Athena on a table defined with the tabletype of Iceberg.

delete from emaildelivery where uniqueid in (select b.uniqueid from deletestaging b)

The following error message is returned.

GENERIC_INTERNAL_ERROR: Invalid descendant for DeleteNode or UpdateNode: com.facebook.presto.sql.planner.plan.JoinNode

Performing the query with values directly in the query is successful.

delete from emaildelivery where uniqueid in ('6e41279b-a22d-4bad-ad8d-448625ae9d88','2831e5a1-8a5c-424f-8d07-198a57f6a04a')

The same query as a select works successfully.

select uniqueid from emaildelivery where uniqueid in (select b.uniqueid from deletestaging b);

Any assistance with resolving the issue with the delete query is greatly appreciated.

asked a month ago57 views
2 Answers

Hello, Thank you for brining on to the notice, Currently, this is a known issue only for DELETE and UPDATE. Athena Service team is actively working on it.

answered a month ago

Is there any update on this? I am currently stumbling on the same problem while testing Iceberg, and this is a key feature for our PoC.

answered 13 days ago

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