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Hello Experts, every document says NLB target IP can be any IP either from peered VPC or on -prem. However while testing I see no such option is available, it only gives options to choose IP from targeted VPC.Screenshot In case no such option it gives you same functionality as instances option. is something got changed ?

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That is definitely supported, please make sure to use 'IP Address' as a Target type when creating a Target group.

In the Register targets you would need to select 'Other private IP address' in the dropdown.

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answered a month ago
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  • I exactly did the same and getting error "IP address must belong to an existing subnet" please check my screenshot it ask choose a network and only option is to define VPC & that does not make sense to me since I was trying to mention IP address from peer VPC which is not an option to choose.

  • Hello, I modified my answer and added 1 more screenshot, you need to select "Other IP address" in the dropdown for Register target. After that as long as Peering is setup properly, routing, SGs, NACL etc the Target should come Up healthy in NLB.

  • Many thanks Tushar. Overlooked this option :)

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