Port 80 (HTTP) and Port 443 (HTTPS) stopped working for all my EC2 instances of ap-south-1 Region (including any new instance i launch in this region)


One fine morning The port 80 (HTTP )and Port 443 (HTTPS) of two of my existing EC2 instances in the ap-south-1 Region stopped working. However, I could still SSH into the instances. I stopped and started the instance the ports worked for a few minutes and then fell off again. Each time starting and stopping gets the ports to respond for a few minutes before falling off again.

To Troubleshoot and do a root cause analysis, I launched a new Ec2 with Linux Ubuntu 20.04 in the ap-south-1 Region . Same thing, The port 80 (HTTP )and Port 443 (HTTPS) fails off after 5 to 10 minutes post launching. On Stopping and Starting the EC2 Instance, This again works for few minutes and then the Port 80(HTTP) and Port 443 (HTTPS) falls off again. The EC2 instances gets totally isolated from the internet and no inbound or outbound traffic works from these ports.

On Doing the same thing for a different region (Ohio), there is no problem and it works.

Can there be any technical issue or you think there is some problem with the underlying hardware or VM network issue for my account?

Please help!

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Considering you can still connect to the instance over SSH but not over HTTP/S, it sounds like a service issue within the instance. Have you checked the logs to ensure that the service operating on those ports is not failing (Apache, Nginx, etc.)?

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answered 2 years ago
  • Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply. The Apache Service is running. I Checked the log and there is no error there. Also I can ping google.com from the instance after connecting to SSH. However, outbound traffic is not working and coming with message "Connection Timed Out, could not connect to port 80". However when I stop and Start the instance, the outbound and inbound traffic works though port 80 for a few minutes and then again gets blocked automatically.


Same issue in my server too, what is the solution?

answered a year ago

+1. Same thing. Have anybody found a solution ?

answered 10 months ago

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