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aws ec2 Instance reachability check failed


I am trying to start p2.xlarge instance in us-east-2. It shows Running. But in Status checks, Instance status check shows "Instance reachability check failed". The instance was working fine a few days back.

I tried rebooting instance. It doesn't reboot. I start stop and start, that works and shows Running, but same instance status check issue. Sometimes it shows stopping for long time and I have to hit Force Stop instance.

I tried rescue option mentioned in, but still the same issue.

Here is the system log -

  • Did you perform any os changes that corrupted the bootloader? I experienced an Instance reachability issue a few weeks ago. I then realized my Ansible hardening script modified RHEL OS grub.conf. I had to revert it with the help of AWS support. I also take daily backups. Try EC2 serial console or reach out to support or restore from backup.

  • What AMI are you using? The log shows some NVIDIA things not going well. It being a GPU machine makes me wonder if that matters.

    If I have trouble with an EC2 always use the Session Manager to log on to the machine to check some more logs. For getting the Session Manager to work you need set up a few things first.

asked 9 months ago131 views
1 Answer

Hello! I encourage you to create a new support case, so that an engineer can take a look at the instance as well as the underlying host from the infrastructure side. As JaccoPK mentioned, there are some references to NVIDIA, so you might have a driver issue. When you create the support case please be sure to mention which AMI you are using.

answered 9 months ago

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