can customer cancel their savings plan?


customer purchased savings plan by mistake, can they cancel it?

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As CloudJason mentioned, the normal policy is no. You cannot cancel a SavingsPlan if you've purchased as they are a contractual agreement between you and AWS for a discount on services. But if it was purchased in error, you can request a cancellation but it's not guaranteed to be approved.

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answered a year ago

If it's rather soon after purchasing, and the first time you've done this, you can contact support and they will usually cancel it, usually a day or two. If it was a mistake there are times support will escalate and cancel it although they don't often like to do that as it is a contract and they don't want people backing out of them.

answered a year ago

I made a mistake when calculating the amount of my saving plan, I changed the amount in hours for the amount per month, I immediately noticed the error but I was not able to cancel. My plan that was supposed to be around 40USD/month went to 29k USD/month

answered 7 months ago

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