How to upgrade Lightsail Postgres instance? (minor version upgrade)


According to the RDS docs, it's possible to manually trigger minor version upgrades for PostgreSQL or even have it upgrade automatically once a new version is approved.

I currently have a database instance in Lightsail, running version 12.8. When creating a new instance, the dropdown offers version 12.11, so I'm assuming I should also be able to upgrade my current instance to 12.11.

Where do I find the manual / auto upgrade options in the Lightsail interface?

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According to the following Lightsail documentation, the specification seems to be that minor database upgrades in Lightsail are performed automatically during maintenance periods. [1]

[1] Changing the preferred maintenance and backup windows for your database in Amazon Lightsail | Lightsail Documentation
----- excerpt -----
Minor version upgrades, and other database maintenance tasks, are performed automatically during the preferred maintenance window for your database.
----- excerpt -----

The above documentation does not appear to mention manual upgrades, so we assume that only automatic upgrades are supported.

I hope this helps.

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answered 2 years ago
  • Thank you for the pointer to the relevant docs!

    When I list my relational databases via the AWS cli, here is part of the output I get:

    "engine": "postgres",
    "engineVersion": "12.8",
    "preferredMaintenanceWindow": "mon:22:55-mon:23:25",
    "pendingMaintenanceActions": [
        "action": "system-update",
        "description": "New Operating System update is available"

    It looks looks like the system knows there is a pending update, but it doesn't install the new version (even though a maintenance window is set).

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