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/Unable to connect to EC2 instance via aws website/

Unable to connect to EC2 instance via aws website


I started my EC2 instance (Ubuntu 18) yesterday without any key pair. I want to connect the instance via aws website. But when I click 'connect' button it gives me 'There was a problem connecting to your instance Log in failed. If this instance has just started up, wait a few minutes and try again. Otherwise, ensure the instance is running on an AMI that supports EC2 Instance Connect.'

asked 13 days ago54 views
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Accepted Answer

Looks like you need to install EC2 Instance Connect for that version of the OS. See: Set up EC2 Instance Connect, Task 2. Also, review your security group and make sure you have followed Task 1.

answered 13 days ago
  • It's task 2. Ubuntu 18 need to install EC2 Instance Connect manually.

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