CodePipeline Source Action Fails with "[GitHub] InternalError"


Recently, one of my CodePipelines has stopped working due to the source action failing with "[GitHub] InternalError". I can't seem to find any further details regarding this error, so I'm hoping for some insight. This is using the GitHub (Version 2) action provider.

It seems to be specific to this one repo, as I've tested using other repos in our GitHub organization, and the Source action then succeeded.

  • We are experiencing the same issue. Pipeline ran successfully previously but recently fails with generic Git message. FYI we use Git LFS and can confirm that removing large LFS file "fixes" the issue in that the pipeline builds.

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1 Answer

The error appears to be coming from GitHub as per this similar issue here.

To troubleshoot this issue, we require information that is not public. Please open a support case with AWS Support using the following link.

answered 2 years ago

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