unlock Elastic IP address from my account


Hello, Could you please unlock the EIP from my account?

"The address with allocation id eipalloc-XXXX cannot be released because it is locked to your account. Please contact AWS Support to unlock it"

The error has been occurring as a root or any iam account. I've already contacted support but they redirected me to forum.

Thank you!

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1 Answer

I have been in the same situation (almost). I did this workaround: create a new EC2 free tier, attach the IP, stop the instance, detach the IP, release it, and then delete the EC2. In my case, always work in that way

answered 9 months ago
  • It didn't helped.

  • It does not work. My Elastic ip is for VPC. Any way to contact support to fix their own bug? BTW, I only have basic support plan.

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